Meet Achren & Orwen! This adorable bonded pair of baby female guinea pigs, named after characters from The Chronicles of Prydain series, are available for adoption through Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

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Achren & Orwen’s mom Hen Wen and 250 of her closest friends and relatives were rescued from a serious piggy hoarding situation! Hen Wen was pregnant when she came into Motley Zoo Animal Rescue’s care and her two girls were born into a loving foster home on 05/21/17. Now that they are old enough to be on their own, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is seeking a great forever family for them!

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Achren & Orwen are albino medium-haired American guinea pigs, just like their mother. Their shorter hair makes them easy to care for.
Achren & Orwen are silly, playful, and sweet. They love to run and chase each other. They “popcorn” often and are happy girls. Most importantly, they love each other to the moon and back and are looking for a home where they can be together forever.



They may seem identical, but their foster is easily able to tell them apart based on their personality and their unique ear markings.
They are a bit yin and yang: Achren is the leader of the two and she likes to tell you all about her opinions on life. In contrast, Orwen a quieter and more gentle soul. She will often seek comfort and guidance from Achren when she is nervous. Together, they make the most adorable pair.


As they were born in a foster home, they have received safe handling socialization since day one and as such they love snuggle time with their foster, especially if she has a soft fleece in her lap for them to snuggle into. They also love fresh veggies snacks, just like all respectable piggies.
These girls are particularly talkative and love to tell a good story, especially when their foster opens the fridge door. They will to sing the song of their people as an invitation for her to bring them an offering of their favorites: green and red leaf lettuce, yellow bell peppers, and the occasional apple slice.
If you are looking for two little loves to brighten your day, Achren & Orwen are just the pigs for you! For more information or to adopt these girls, please email Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.


Photo Credit: Brooke Mallory Photography

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