Adopt Me: Amanda Hardy – Seattle, WA

Meet Amanda Hardy! Amanda is available for adoption through Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.  Amanda is a stunningly gorgeous two-year old tabby, and she’s quite willing to admit to her stunning looks!


Though she’s still young, Amanda has no trouble understanding that humans are very useful for ensuring food is bountiful and that warm laps are always available for snuggling.


Curiosity is her strongest trait, and she loves to explore her surroundings, and get to know her humans at every opportunity. She particularly loves the dark warm place under the covers when the humans go to sleep, but she’s always exploring to see if there is an even better place somewhere out there!


Amanda prefers her “kingdom” (her words, not ours) neat, orderly, and peaceful. She can be overwhelmed with too much chaos. Amanda is currently being fostered with a couple of canine companions whom she enjoys as they mostly leave her to rule her kingdom independently, however, she’s not too fond of other felines around.

Amanda was treated in the past for urinary crystals and eats a specially formulated (and very tasty!) diet to prevent crystals in the future.


Motley Zoo Animal Rescue and Amanda’s current foster family would be happy to discuss the details of Amanda’s care, as well as her charming personality. Contact them here for more information about his special girl, as well as for information on her adoption fee.

Photo Credit: Brooke Mallory Photography


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