Homeless Dog Getting New Eyes!

Together we have funded the full cost of Cassandra’s cataract surgeries!

Cassandra is full of smiles! I want to thank you for your support, both emotionally and financially! Cassandra will get her surgeries and see for likely the first time in her life!

Total Raised: $4,250

These funds will pay for her exam with the specialist, the diagnostic tests, and the $3,500 surgery cost. Anything remaining will go towards her spay surgery and dental to pull some bad teeth.

Cassandra’s favorite games are playing chase with Ottis and tossing her toys all around the house. After her surgery, she will be able to actually find her toys after tossing them. She will give Ottis a run for his money!

Cassandra is a 3-year-old, sight-impaired Chihuahua with cataracts in both eyes that have rendered her nearly blind. She was rescued from a horrible hoarding situation, along with forty other dogs and puppies. An actual picture of the home from which she was rescued is shown to the right.

16300346_1385703521492352_11649935462423288_oCassandra was mostly likely born with these cataracts and her vision is equated to looking through a snow covered automobile windshield. Cataract surgery has a high success rate and it should restore her eyesight to almost normal!

Thank you for helping this special girl! After all she has been through, we so glad to be able to ensure she has the best life possible.

Once Cassandra has completed all her pending surgeries and she is on the mend, she will be available for adoption. This silly, zoomies-loving, snuggle bunny will make a wonderful companion for a very lucky home!

Follow Cassandras’s continued journey on our Facebook page.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-run, no-kill, foster-based, animal rescue organization that relies on donations from supporters like you to continue saving lives. Motley Zoo’s vet bills average about $15,000 per month.

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